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About Us

About Us

Yantai Allok Automatic Equipments Co., Ltd is located at Yantai, China, is a manufacturer, supplier & exporter of automatic equipments and total packaging solution. We focus on suppling hydraulic cylinder, pneumatic cylinder, hydraulic (electrical) integrated systems, hydraulic EPC engineering solutions, high-end cylinders, and integrated systems; automatic packing machine, automactic filler machine, integrated packing system, integrated filler system,stacker, palletizer, robotic arm; maching parts, welding product.

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The company is based on 3 factories, covering an area of nearly 20,000 square meters, and currently employs about 160 people. Yantai ChuangHuang is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic products. Yantai HuaEn is a hi-tech research and manufacturing supplier of material preparation, mixing, weighing, packing, cartooning and stacking system for powder, granule and liquid material. Yantai Baiyue is a professional machining and welding company.
The hydraulic cylinder implements the standard JB/T10205-2010, which can be customized according to the customer's individual requirements (German DIN standard, Japanese JIS standard, ISO standard, etc.), with cylinder diameter(bore) of 20-600mm, stroke 10-6000mm, multi-variety, and multi-specification hydraulic cylinders meet market demand.

Packing machine/stacker/palletizzer implement the company standard, which can be customized according to the customer's individual requirements. We have a big maching shop, a welding shop.We always aim to create global customer value and continue to optimize the product structure. The industries we serve mainly include special purpose vehicles, solid waste environmental protection, rubber machinery, high-end agricultural machinery, metallurgical and global chemical engineering, mine product.
We have a team of experts at the forefront of industry technology, and created the unique technology with comparative advantages, have extensive cooperation with Beijing University and Yantai University. We provide customers with customized system solutions in the field of high-end hydraulic, pneumatic engineering technology, and automatic engineering, continue to achieve customers and help the development of the industry.

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In the field of production and quality control, it has passed ISO9001. The factories have more than 60 sets of various production and experimental inspection equipment, 3 professional production lines for cylinder products, a sample trial production site, and multiple auxiliary production lines, a system integration production assembly workshop, welding shop and a manufacturing shop. It has an annual production capacity of 30,000 cylinders, 500 sets of hydraulic and electric integrated systems, 300 units packing/filler mchine. Multi-production lines meet the needs of customers for multi-variety customization.

In the field of marketing, the products are based in China and serve to the whole world.
Adhering to the company spirit of health, honesty, innovation, dedication, and collaboration, adhere to the core values ​​of “Product serves the world, Service creates the future”, and practice the philosophy of always take the customer as the right; Pursuing long-term and winning the lasting trust of customers.
With a global mind, down-to-earth, innovative thinking, and integration of resources, Yantai Allok is moving steadily towards its vision of becoming an expert in the field of power hydraulic engineering technology and automatic technology.
Let's work hard to press ahead to create a win-win world.

Cylinder assembly shop overview

oil cylinder for cleaning vehicleHydraulic cylinder for cleaning vehicle

high pressure oil cylinder for excavatorHigh pressure oil cylinder for excavator

air cylinder for valve for minePneumatic cylinder for valve

warehouse is full of productWarehouse is full of product

Factory assets for maching equipments

Universal lift table milling machineUniversal lift table milling machine

VDF Machining CenterVDF machining center

SHIBAURA boring machineSHIBAURA boring machine

sawing machineSawing machine

CNC milling machineCNC milling machine

boring machineBoring machine

Radial Drilling MachineRadial drilling machine

High precision CNC latheHigh precision CNC lathe

CNC latheCNC lathe

Packing machine assembly shop overview

CNC milling machineBig guy ready to delivery

CNC milling machineBusy assembly shop in yantai

CNC milling machinePacking machines ready to test

CNC milling machinePerfect stainless steel packing mchine