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Various hydraulic power unit in heavy industry

Various hydraulic power unit in heavy industry

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For now domestic ore furnace equipment is improved to be automatic, closed, environmental and energy-efficient.

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Hydraulic system for industrial furnace

For now domestic ore furnace equipment is improved to be automatic, closed, environmental and energy-efficient. We has designed and manufactured allocating hydraulic systems of ferromanganese furnace, ferrosilicon furnace, ferrochrome furnace with volume of 25000KVA and 48000KVA, 3500KVA-6300KVA furnace, 6300KVA direct current furnace, 25000KVA industrial silicon furnace, 25000KVA calcium carbide furnace and 16500KVA ferrosilicoaluminum furnace for dozens of ferroalloy and calcium carbide compa¬nies in China. The products are mainly designed for controlling the movements of electrode such as holding, lifting, pressing and releasing and etc. They have been exported with main equipments to Russia, Pakistan and other countries and regions.

Hydraulic system for steel pipe production line

The hydraulic system can finish the whole production process of raw material: heating-punching->tube rolling->re- heating->size reducing->cooling->straightening. Based on our rich experiences, we added the quantity of hydraulic lock device to effectively restrain stress bounce during punching process, which also can ensure the high precision rolling.

Hydraulic system for forging equipment

Professional hydraulic system for J58 series electric screw press and J55 series clutch screw presses. Screw press is an efficient and energy-saving automatic forging equipment, it's widely used in many processes such as precision forging、die forging、upsetting、ex¬truding and finishing. The hydraulic system is equipped with pressure transmitter to detect and display hitting power at any time, and ensure the reliable operation of equipment. We have formed the allocating products of 400t〜8000t, which can be widely used in different kinds of forging conditions of all kinds of work piece.

Special hydraulic system for garbage compressor and hydraulic system for municipal garbage transfer station

Garbage compressor is sealed completely, self-compression and self-dumping. The polluted water in the process goes into waste water room. There is no pollution in transport. The key part of hy¬draulic system adopts imported parts, which has characteristics of tight structure, small volume, low noise, and efficiency. We have been in mass production for garbage compressor companies.

Hydraulic systems for rubber and plastics equipment

Flat vulcanizing machine production line and hydraulic system include: host station, clamping tension station, clip tension station, molding station, strap machine station joint vulcanization machine station, repairing station, cutting station and so on. It can be de¬signed according to customer's requirement.

Hydraulic system for offshore project

AOE hydraulic system is widely used for the control of setting-up paddle of factory vessel, dredge boat, dory trailer, etc. when we adjust the paddle, the pump should be of large capacity. While we make up the system leakage, the pump should be of adjustable capacity. This equipment has two sys¬tems. So if there is problem, it will not affect the paddle setting up.
AOE hydraulic system is used to control the extension & retraction of the burning arm and burn the oil to check the pollution. We are the sole manufacturer for this system which is anti-explosive and safe. This product has got the ABS certificate.
AOE hydraulic system is used to discard the frame and hold the ship when the pipe-laying ship runs into dangerous situation. We are the sole manufac¬turer for this and get the CCS certificate.

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