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  • Screw conveyor(Spiral blade rotary conveying)

    Screw conveyor(Spiral blade rotary conveying)

    The screw feeder is one of the necessary equipments for light and heavy industries such as modern chemical industry, pharmacy, food, metallurgy, building materials, agricultural sideline, etc. It provides work efficiency, accurate transportation, reliable quality and durable, and in the feeding process The raw materials are completely free from moisture, pollution, foreign matter, and leakage.

  • Roller conveyor(Rotary conveying by roller)

    Roller conveyor(Rotary conveying by roller)

    Roller conveyor Roller conveyor is also known as roller conveyor, roller conveyor. It refers to a conveyor that uses several rollers erected on a fixed bracket at a certain interval to transport finished items. The fixed bracket is generally composed of several straight or curved segments as required. The roller conveyor can be used alone or in combination with other conveyors or working machinery on the assembly line.

  • Chain conveyor (Chain driven conveying)

    Chain conveyor (Chain driven conveying)

    This machine uses a large roller-attached plate conveyor chain as a traction member, which is driven by a sprocket, and a continuous transportation device that uses a steel plate as an endless bearing. The conveying surface of the chain conveyor is flat and smooth, and the material is transported smoothly between the conveying lines, which can convey various packaging materials